About Us

What do we offer?

We are the first of our kind in the solar industry. We are a team of solar experts with decades of experience, led by solar expert, CEO & President Thomas Enzendorfer, on a mission to combat climate change by empowering other solar businesses’ success. We don’t have a sales & marketing team, because we don’t need one- our sole focus is on helping the world transition to solar by enabling your solar business’s success.

We are the only experts committed to only offering these white label services to help solar companies ensure their operational success in an industry where businesses often struggle to scale and turn sustainable profits. As a full service provider, we use our expert experience to offer our partners customized business services in order to engineer & operate successfully in the solar industry market from start to finish. We use best practice and proven operational methods to provide fast, reliable, and quality services on behalf of your company. We will connect your business and celebrate your success with you. Your reputation is our reputation.

American Home Energy BBB Business Review
There was a world before American Home Energy, but it is a new world post-American Home Energy
— Adrian Noronho, CEO & President Fronius USA

Why do we do what we do?

We believe climate change is an urgent issue and we all have to act on climate now! We believe that if you succeed as a solar business, we all benefit in the mission to combat climate change.

Climate change impacts us all in very real ways and we believe with our experience, we can make a difference to help better our lives and future.

As a company, we ensure the success of solar businesses so that solar can thrive and change the world we live in. Everyone can help to combat climate change in some way and sharing our expertise is our contribution to businesses and homeowners.

Who we are:

American Home Energy is committed to the success of our partners because we believe in the future of solar and the impact it can have. We are an experienced team of dedicated, hard-working and focused operations, engineering, installation and service professionals, who understand the importance of the work we do for our partners and homeowners.